Decking Cleaning

Wooden decking gives your house that homey look that you’re going for. When newly installed, decking is bound to impress everyone who sees it, including neighbors and guests. If no one in your neighborhood has a decking installed, it sets your house apart.

However, weather damage does not spare even the best quality hardwood used for decking. It can look dirty and discolored in places. In addition, since decking is outdoors, it attracts moss and algae buildup. This green buildup ruins the look of the decking and is also hazardous to human health. Apart from that, the algae and moss growth can also cause the decking to become slippery, posing a slip-and-trip risk.

Why do you Need Decking Cleaning?

Newly Installed

We offer decking cleaning in Glasgow alongside other services to make sure that your house looks like it has had new decking installed.

Well-maintained Look

If your decking is in front of your house, the dirt and debris it collects over the months cause it to look dusty and old. You need decking cleaning to make sure that your house looks well-maintained.

Increase Property Valuation

If you’re selling or renting out the place, dirty decking is bound to lower the value that you get. There’s a reason why people go for house staging services. Though house staging can help your home look appealing from the inside, the dirty and faded decking on the outside ruins all the other efforts.

Process of Decking Cleaning in Glasgow

Pressure washing a decking is tricky. This is because, unlike pavements, decking is made of wood and supported by a wooden structure. Therefore, high pressure could damage the wooden structure.

Our pressure washing team is an expert in decking cleaning. They know precisely how much pressure each material can sustain and the angle at which it can sustain the pressure. So, your decking and its surroundings will be dust and debris free in no time when you go for our expert services.

Here is our decking cleaning process:

We clean the dry decking surface before beginning the washing. This includes removing the debris on the surface. This is done to make sure that the pressure is only applied to the debris that is hard to remove.

The area is cleared of things like dustbins, plants, and pots, so other things are not damaged in the process.

The surface is initially cleaned with a rotary machine to rid the surface of the debris and grime on top. This helps improve the effectiveness of pressure washing.

Safe chemicals are applied to the stains and discolored patches on the decking.

Then the team uses a pressure machine with adjusted pressure to remove the tough stains and algae without damaging the surface.

If some tough stains still remain, the team again applies the chemical to target them and clean them thoroughly.

Once the surface is cleaned according to our standards, we finish the cleaning process by rinsing the decking.

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