Roof Cleaning

Roofs are a part of our house which is consistently exposed to dirt and debris from the atmosphere. As a result, it starts looking dirty and old within a few months of a new installation.

Our pressure washing can help address the buildup of dirt, debris, and grime from roofs. In addition, it can help restore the original look of the roof without damaging the material. Our services of roof cleaning in Glasgow make your roof look so fresh that it may seem like the roofing was laid out only yesterday.

Why do you Need Roof Pressure Washing?

A thorough roof cleaning with pressure wash technology can help give your roof a fresh look. Since your roof is on top of your house, it is one of the first things people notice when they look at your house. Therefore, a roof cleaning is a must every year to keep it looking presentable.

Pressure washing the roof is necessary to ensure that your house looks appealing and the roofing does not look old or worn out.

We can professionally clean roofing constructed from the following materials:

  • Slate
  • Asphalt shingle roof
  • Cedar shake
  • Metal
  • Composite (synthetic) shingle roof

Process of Roof Cleaning in Glasgow

Pressure washing a roof is tricky. For example, if the roof is made of asphalt shingle or cedar, high pressure could damage the material that keeps it stuck. Also, the pressure washers should be careful of the water pressure angle to ensure that the material doesn’t come out.


  • We clean the dry roof before beginning the washing. This includes removing leaves and debris on the surface. The area is cleared of astray branches and wires.
  • The surface is initially cleaned with a rotary machine to rid the surface of the debris and grime on top. This helps improve the effectiveness of pressure washing.
  • Chemicals are applied on the surface where there are stains.
  • Then the team uses a pressure machine with adjusted pressure to remove the tough stains and algae without damaging the surface.
  • Once the surface is cleaned according to our standards, we finish the cleaning process by rinsing the roof.


Once the cleaning process is complete, we add the best quality sealant to give the roof a matt finish. Besides giving it a fresh look, it also helps prevent dust and debris from sticking to the surface.

We use only the best sealants and chemicals in the process. The chemicals and products we choose are based on the roofing material, so the cleaning is effective. Even if these chemicals are expensive, the result lasts quite a long, allowing you to save in the long run by reducing the frequency of roof cleaning in Glasgow.

Furthermore, we also consider the weather conditions when scheduling a roof pressure wash. Our teams make sure that the sealants are applied to a dry surface. Therefore, if it has rained in the past 24 hours, we call to reschedule the appointment.

We don’t offer sealant services during the winter months as it can cause damage to your roofing because of the moisture getting trapped between the surface and the sealant.

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