Render Cleaning

Unless you have a render coat, any building will appear worn out and old within a few months. This is because the render protects buildings from damage due to weather conditions like rain, sunlight, and algae.

Apart from its protective qualities, render also gives a neat and clean finish to the house’s exterior. It also comes in patterns, so the house or building looks attractive. Such a house or a building has an increased valuation because it looks well-maintained.

Why do you Need Render Cleaning in Glasgow?

Even though render protects the exterior surface of any building, it needs cleaning too. When the render surface is kept clean, the building looks presentable and visually appealing for longer. This means you don’t have to invest in a new coat of paint when the render coating is intact.

Residential Block

If your building is a residential block, a clean exterior will impress visitors and increase your property’s value.

Although render protects the building from algae and debris, it might grow algae and fungi on top. Furthermore, it might also be affected by water damage. So, render cleaning once a year is necessary for the inhabitants’ health and the residential block’s look.

Hotel or Place of Business

Keeping the render clean is necessary to impress clients if your building is a hotel or a business place. A render wash will also help you take impressive photographs of the place you can put up on your website.

Imagine just putting up a photoshopped image of your hotel or restaurant. When the guests arrive at the location and see the difference, they might change their plans to visit your hotel. So, for the success of your business, it is essential to upkeep the look of your building.

Process of Render Cleaning in Glasgow

We offer render cleaning in Glasgow and nearby areas that can help give your building a fresh look. Our team of experts knows which chemicals they should use in different kinds of render. Every job requires a different mix of chemicals. Therefore, our team knows precisely how to tackle tough stains alongside pressure washing.

Here is our render cleaning process:

Preparation: Our team first inspects the render surface to determine the kind of washing they need and the chemicals they will need for each stain. They then begin by cleaning the wall while it is dry. This helps in removing the debris on the surface. The area is also cleared of dustbins, plants, and pots

The team then applies a mixture of biocide to the render, which targets the moss and algae growth.

Jet washing: The next step is to clean the render with pressure washing. Often the water used for the jet wash is warm so that the chemicals can do their work effectively.

If there are any stains remaining, the chemical is applied again so the targeted area is cleaned, leaving the building looking as fresh as new.

Once the surface is cleaned according to our standards, we finish the cleaning process by rinsing the building.

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