Pressure washing uses either gas or electric motors to force water through a nozzle at high speeds, with this water directed onto surfaces in order to blast away dirt, grime, mould growth, loose paint or any moss and algae present.

Clean buildings are vitally important, both to employees’ health and to its resale value. Regular pressure washing will keep both areas looking their best while contributing to employee wellbeing.

1. Removes Dirt and Grime

Professional pressure washing of your building helps prevent dirt, mildew and other unpleasant substances from damaging its surfaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers, as well as increasing its overall value.

Use only reputable, licensed pressure washing companies when planning cleaning projects, as the wrong equipment can damage sealants, plaster and rendering surfaces, strip sealants from sealants or blast them off completely. Professional cleaners in Glasgow use appropriate pressure settings and eco-friendly chemical cleaners depending on the surface material being cleaned.

Before pressure washing your home or business, take steps to close all windows and protect any electrical outlets with tape or blankets. It may also be wise to cover outdoor appliances like air conditioner units and sheds before beginning.

2. Removes Mold and Algae

Mold and mildew not only ruin surfaces with an unsightly ugliness, but they can rot away materials – potentially costing thousands in repairs or reduced resale value – so professional removal should be conducted regularly to safeguard both yourself and future investors.

Pressure washing can remove mould spores from the air and surface of your home or business without harming its structure, as the professionals at Space Clean employ lower-pressure settings with bleach solution to kill any potential growth.

But it’s important to keep in mind that mould issues require more than simply cleaning; often, they must also address what caused moisture issues in the first place. Therefore, Space Clean experts recommend having their check roof, gutters, walls and other areas before mould develops further.

3. Removes Stains

Stains can be unsightly and even structurally damaging, so regular cleanings to protect the value of your investment are necessary in reducing risk and keeping surfaces looking their best. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits help mitigate future repairs costs as well as protect future repairs costs that might incur later on.

Professional pressure washers in Glasgow understand how to apply the ideal pressure setting without damaging items or property, and can advise on which chemical cleaner is suitable for various materials.

Horrid spots on your driveway caused by oil spills or fuel splashes can be difficult to eliminate with just water alone, but a pressure wash using an eco-friendly cleaner will restore them back to their former glory and reveal any areas where damage may have occurred or is starting to form, giving you time to repair them before it’s too late.

4. Removes Bird Droppings

No matter how much we love birds, their droppings can be an unsightly nuisance and pose a potential health risk for residential and commercial properties alike.

Pigeon guano can contain dangerous microorganisms that can lead to skin infections and breathing illnesses in people exposed. Last December, one such infection killed a youngster at Glasgow hospital – experts believe pigeon poop may have contributed significantly.

At times, garden hoses may suffice in washing away bird droppings; but for stubborn accumulations to be eliminated safely and quickly, professional pressure washing services offer fast solutions which could save costly maintenance and repair bills down the line.

5. Removes Odours

Pressure washing can effectively eliminate odors that result from cooking, smoking and other activities that create foul odors in a room. Furthermore, pressure washing helps create an inhospitable environment for bacteria and vermin as well as reduce allergens like pollen that may pose respiratory risks.

Dirt, mildew and other debris on the exterior of your home can damage its value over time if left neglected. Regular pressure washing with professional equipment can keep it looking its best while protecting from further damages.

Businesses in Glasgow can also take advantage of the removal of pollutants and harmful substances on outdoor surfaces to safeguard employees’ health, ensure a welcoming workplace for clients and visitors, as well as save money by preventing costly future repairs.